About us

Birth out of passion.

In November 2020, PUSZ Guitars was created, combining the passion of two Piotr, their many years of experience in woodworking, 3D modeling, programming numerical machines, as well as building guitars and luthiers works.
With professional carpentry machines, CNC numerical machines, a paint shop, our own sawmill and drying room and, above all, proven suppliers of selected wood, we were able to build the first prototypes very quickly and then the first model.

From that moment on, our target was to build models of guitars and basses according to our own vision.

The style and quality of PUSZ Guitars has quickly become recognizable, and the base of available models has grown and continues to grow.
We offer modern solutions, e.g. carbon rods strengthening the neck. We also have our own proven designs of guitar and bass pickups.
We constantly focus on development and raising standards.

Some of you who wonder how to pronounce the "Pusz" word - we have advice - it sound like "push" word in english ;) 

Below, some of what is happening in our production.